We both worked for more than 30 years with individuals and groups and have learned the codes of transformation.

Karina Fürst, Founder

My search for the meaning of life started as a young girl. I travelled the world, living in different countries, learning languages, different cultures and traditions and meeting people who shaped my life. In South America, f.e. I had deep encounters with indigenous and farmers, often being illiterates. They made me think that in Europe we have knowledge but little wisdom, and I decided then that I will search for wisdom in my life. I ended up in the travel industry in Norway, designing meaningful experiences for companies, their employees and clients. I developed my own unique philosophy based on the human encounter with local passionate people (called «ildsjel » in the Norwegian language), powerful nature and meaningful experiences and won serval international awards (like the Green award for commitment to community). Now more than 25 years later I feel I need to go further in my development and WellBeing Journeys was born, where in addition to the above we add more content with our team of inspirators.

Mona Hartmann, Founder

I am passionate about sharing my wealth of knowledge and experience to uplift those around me and foster an atmosphere of continual growth. My mission is centered around leveraging Goal Mapping to elevate lives, guiding individuals to navigate various facets of their journey. Each section of Goal Mapping is meticulously crafted to instill a positive outlook towards goals, clarify their underlying motivations, bolster confidence, and ignite the drive for personal growth and achievement. Drawing upon my own life experiences and proven strategies, I have honed my expertise as a Master Mapping Coach, certified in NLP, Goal Mapping, and Life Mapping. Currently, I am furthering my studies in Emotional Intelligence to deepen my understanding and enhance my ability to support others in their personal development journey. Having enjoyed a successful career spanning three decades in the beauty industry, I have now shifted my focus to my true passion: inspiring and empowering individuals to embrace their authentic selves, cultivate strength, and foster independence. Through my work, I aim to facilitate transformative journeys towards self-discovery, empowerment, and fulfillment.

...WITH passioned inspirators.

Enhancing Employee Well-Being for Heightened Productivity

We firmly believe that placing a premium on the well-being of your employees is essential for fostering a robust and flourishing workplace environment. Our objective is to illuminate the profound significance of personal growth and underscore its relevance in today’s corporate landscape. locals are our partners and together we make  your dreams come true and create unforgettable moment. In addition our magical and powerful Norwegian Nature gives an extra dimension.

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