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We believe in harnessing the power of community and making a positive impact in the lives of those around us. We will give you inspiration, motivation, tips, techniques, and advice on how to become a better version of yourself and to help others be as well.


Holding space is not just about creating a safe atmosphere, but also about empowering others to access their own inner wisdom and resources. By holding space for someone, we give them the gift of being fully seen and heard, which can be a deeply transformative experience.

Ultimately, the art of holding space is about being in service to others, and creating a supportive environment that allows them to grow and thrive. It is through holding space for each other that we create the conditions for meaningful connections and authentic relationships to flourish.

Solveig Hemli Solbakk

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, IIN Integrative Nutrition NY USA, Health Coach. And organic food lifestyle program.
To inspire people to live their best life. To learn how they can change their direction and surroundings, our heart...

Jacob N. Germain

Holistic Nutrition Health Coach
Innovative, creative, positive, service minded, grounded, alert, sensitive and outside the box thinking consciousness having a human experience....

Erwin Cwiek

Business Coach & Mentor
Visionary practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs work with me to learn how to structure their business and life harmoniously and creatively...

Agata Gasior

Dedicated host and Lofoten expert, hiking guide, mentor
I’m a heart-based entrepreneur, founder, outdoor enthusiast, and ildsjel.  I’m a relationship builder and explorer, passionate about personal development and creating...

Sissel Naustdal

Inspiring people to discover and develop their potential
My great passion is to help people ignite their motivation to discover and develop their potential. I will provide the...

Mona Hartmann

Master Mapping Coach
With Goal Mapping, we become clear about what we want with our Life Journey. We are inspired to create the lifestyle...

Karina Fürst

Event organizer, Kundalini teacher
Karina started in 1998 the event company Authenticore designing meaningful experiences for international companies coming to Norway. She based her entire...

Gunn Thu

Psychologist with a private, clinical practice in Oslo
During the last 20 years, at work in my clinical practice, I have been able to apply the thinking of...

Claudia Becker

Holistic Nutrition Health Coach
I started my career as a Naturopath in Munich 35 years ago.  When I lived in New York in 2007, I...

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