Gunn Thu

Speciality: Psychologist with a private, clinical practice in Oslo

During the last 20 years, at work in my clinical practice, I have been able to apply the thinking of CG Jung about personality types (extroversion and introversion) in a renewed way. This has given me new insights into the deeper inner patterns behind extroversion and introversion, and has uncovered how these patterns are surprisingly relevant and helpful in therapeutic work, often by simplifying complex issues in very logical and intuitive ways.

Development of consciousness ; flexibility
Born in Sandnes, Norway, in 1954. Grew up in Kristiansand, São Paulo/Brazil and Oslo.
I have always been interested in psychology. Today I am fortunate to be able to work in an area that is very meaningful to me – helping people develop, understand themselves better and find more peace within themselves.
I would like to help shine a light on our deeper personality patterns in order to help people know themselves better and understand how to develop more balance and harmony.
Collective cooperation in a new, much freer form, unencumbered by today’s economic system, and with much more understanding, tolerance and acceptance for each other within groups.
I think I am good at deciphering patterns in the psyche.

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