Erwin Cwiek

Speciality: Business Coach & Mentor
Visionary practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs work with me to learn how to structure their business and life harmoniously and creatively so that they can become Inspired, Elevated, and Empowered to create the freedom and lifestyle they love. As a Business Coach and Mentor, I draw from my experience in the tourism industry, where we have been together with Agata creating successful businesses by working with clients from more than 70 different countries over the past 15+ years. This is why I’m particularly skilled in working with non-native English speakers.
Freedom, Love, Growth, Nature, Adventure.
Born and grew up in the small family business in Zawiercie Town in the vicinity of one of the most pictures part of southern Poland near Krakow. There are very well known Jurassic rocks with lakes and pine forests which creates perfect hub for rock climbing environment. So I was growing biking and rambling on the rocks that have hosted the best high altitude climbers that were conquering 8.000 m peaks in Himalaya crushing all possible winter world records.
By doing what I love, constantly dreaming, learning, growing, executing and adapting. Merging all my superpowers with skillet I became an entrepreneur, coach, mentor & secret weapon for visionary practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs. What I do best is to teach them how to use mindset and strategy with human behaviour and universal principles, which creates the highest possible level of Clarity, Self Mastery and Creative Structure, so that they can become inspired, elevated and empowered to create their business and dream lifestyle aligned with their vision and values. By doing so, they become peaceful, confident and joyful growing their business, while adapting to an ever-changing environment.
Working together, we will set all Your personal and professional commitments in a simple strategy, so that you can free up more time and energy to focus on doing what you love. As a result, you will develop your Master Plan that works like a compass used in the mountains; it shows you the direction, and You choose how to distribute your energy and time to make the distance.
Working towards helping people to expand their conciseness so that the collective society can grow to the next level.
Listening to people. Helping people make their dream come true. Predicting the future with numbers. (All my scenarios for our companies has typically been over 90% accurate, approx 6-12 months ahead.)

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