Karina Fürst

Speciality: Event organizer, Kundalini teacher
I started in 1998 the event company Authenticore designing meaningful experiences for international companies coming to Norway. I based my philosophy and approach on the human encounter with local inspired people called “ildsjel” in the Norwegian language, powerful nature and meaningful experiences.  I also became a kundalini teacher and this type of yoga fascinates me because it is a technology to improve all walks of life, it works on all levels (emotional, mental and physical) and the focus is only inwards. Transformation happens in a very short time.
Curious, adventurous, Passionate, truth searching.
I grew up in Germany and left my home town Hamburg with 19. After having lived in Lausanne, Spain, Colombia and USA, I ended up with my Norwegian husband (whom I met in Colombia) in beautiful Norway. I felt immediately home.
My entire life I searched for the meaning of life and I found it for many years in the travel world by communicating the values of the human encounter with passionate people and powerful nature. I always believed that money comes when we realize what we believe in, and I have a deep trust in life and something bigger than life. I love to explore new paths and ways of looking at life. It became clear to me in 1998 that I have to start for myself in order not to lose my compass in life of creating meaning and even though I just got divorced and had 2 small children I ventured without fear into my new project and company called Authenticore. I could now follow my philosophy without explanations. I always believed that money comes when we realize what we believe in, and I have a. deep trust in life and something bigger than life.
Wellbeing is an inner state of calmness and peace and I have seen in my 30 years of experiences how quickly we align to it when being in nature, meeting passionate people, having meaningful encounters with ourselves and others and share moments of deep connection. I wish to bring people together with our “ildsjel”, powerful nature and our team of inspirators in order to embark on a journey to a healthier, happier and holier life. I have seen transformation within a few days, and that alchemy of life has always fascinated me. I believe we have such an enormous potential within ourselves, and sometimes we need the right frame to tap into it. I wish to create that frame and at the same time enjoy every moment of what we do. To create the right atmosphere for transformation is a piece of art.
I believe in a world where we can BE rather than DO all the time, where we can live our dreams, and express our essence in a meaningful way. Where we wish each other the best, support each other and make each better playfully. In short, I dream to be part of creating a new society of meaning, joy and respect towards each and our beautiful nature Where we wish each other the best, support each and make each better in a playful. A future where we play, laugh and have lots of fun with. What we. DO.
To bring people together, hold and create a powerful atmosphere where people can transform. I am good in inspiring and motivating people to dare to change

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