Sissel Naustdal

Speciality: Inspiring people to discover and develop their potential

My great passion is to help people ignite their motivation to discover and develop their potential. I will provide the knowledge, tools, support and energy to fuel their journey.


Because most of us are told to play small, or at least to do what others and the society expect from us, rather than encouraging us to follow our own dreams and goals. 

I believe we are all born for a reason and that when we discover our greater purpose in life, we can contribute more, perform better, be better versions of ourselves, and most importantly, experience the joy and fulfillment we all deserve in life.

With a one solid leg in research, the other in tons of experience developing individuals, teams and organizations, an analytical mind and a huge heart, I know my contribution is unique.

Passion for life, people and society. Integrity and respect for all, regardless. Freedom to live the life of our choice.
I was born in Oslo in 1974, but moved to Valders when I was 3 and got to grow up in safe and nice environment, with my parents and sister. By the time I finished high school, I felt the urge to see more of the world than this idyllic village. I have since I was 19 lived in Oslo/Bærum, in addition to 1 year in Switzerland.
After searching for answer for some years, to the BIG QUESTION all young people are asked; “what do you want to become/do”, I had an epiphany moment one Sunday when I was 22. Half way through my medium interesting studies (marketing and economy), I got this huge realization. “I want to contribute to better workplaces and enable people to do the best job they can do”.

This has been my guiding star ever since. Guiding me to adjust my studies into leadership & organizational psychology and apply for HR positions. It fueled my dream of starting my own consultancy, HumanPotential. It motivated me to do a Master of Science at age 39 and to start MadeToGrow when I was 42.

My guiding star have not only given me direction in career, but also and life. Daring to explore and develop my own potential, going outside my comfort zone a thousand times to follow my passion and dreams. Just as important, it has been of great support to have a life purpose in difficult times in life. Helping me focus on the bigger picture, my goals and “why I am here”. Rather than seeing the challenges and problems as something negative and “unfair”, I have trained myself to see them as “gifts from the Universe” that help me learn, develop and become more robust.

It has helped me see that challenges are what we need to learn what we need to live our purpose and contribute to others and to a better world.

Never stop searching and exploring your purpose, as life will never truly become fulfilling until you find it and honor it.
To be part of a great network of people and organizations that share the passion for bringing great experiences, learning, development and growth to human beings, organizations and society.
To inspire and support lifelong learning & growth, to live a fulfilling life and have a prosperous career, made available for everyone. Through that, enable many more people to contribute to a better world.
Inspire and support people in their development, develop growth mindset and build robustness, building relationships with people through genuine conversations, leadership of self and others and being the captain of my own life (and boat).

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