Solveig Hemli Solbakk

Speciality: Kundalini Yoga Teacher, IIN Integrative Nutrition NY USA, Health Coach. And organic food lifestyle program.
Kundalini is a science which works on the seven chakras, the arcline and the aura. It works directly on the total energy. That is where Kundalini Yoga fits in: You will learn to ride your energy, to experience it and penetrate any given situation to attain a balance. IIN Integrative Nutrition school : Holistic health & nutrition will teach you how to change your life.
Working on bridging science and spirituality, to learn how to heal yourself, when you know how, there is no turning back.
I was born in North Norway, Bodø, and moved to Eidsvoll later in life.
Sometimes you just know, I have been following my gut from a very young age, my passion for nature, animals, health and food. There is a deeper connection that we all have.
Leading Kundalini Yoga group classes, to learn how to use it as a holistic, therapeutic and transformative tool for increased health, awareness and balance. Health Coach IIN NY. I will learn you how holistic health & nutrition will change your life on a deeper level.
To leave the planet as a better place.
To inspire people to live their best life. To learn how they can change their direction and surroundings, our heart is always on for passion, you need to feed it what it needs to pump to feel alive and connected with your higher self.

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