Claudia Becker

Speciality: Holistic Nutrition Health Coach
I started my career as a Naturopath in Munich 35 years ago.  When I lived in New York in 2007, I was diving more into the health field and became a Nutrition Health Coach. Back in Munich I started a health food concept at my own restaurant with various detox programmes.  Now I live in Norway with my family. 
Love Happiness Longevity surrounded by pure nature.
I was born and grew up in Munich, Germany.
There was always a little voice that told me : „ You can’t keep all this to yourself, you have to share it !“- Feed your body and soul with real food, love and nature and see what is going to happen …
Teaching people about nutrition and preparing food together to feel that kind of glow, strength and well-being.
Getting entirely reconnected with mother nature to feed ourselves with all its wonderful treasures – Food and nature isn‘t like medicine, it is medicine!
I’m a healthy food lover so I am good in finding all these delicious ingredients what nature presents us.

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