Jacob N. Germain

Speciality: Holistic Nutrition Health Coach
Innovative, creative, positive, service minded, grounded, alert, sensitive and outside the box thinking consciousness having a human experience.
Having a good human experience to reflect back at, taking care of others around me, appreciating nature and the small things, knowing the true reality of my existence.
Born and grown in Kristiansand in the south of Norway with my mother. She is an artist that has inspired a lot of creativity and perseverance within me. Always quite independent and content with things being whatever they were, doing the best with the tools I had.
My passion has always been the natural expression of my being. When I met my father at the age of 21 and was introduced to meditation, Tibetan doctrines and an expanded reality paradigm that creates the fundamentals to my human experience. This paved the way for me to reconnect with the land, my ancestors and my true self. My passion is to remind my brothers and sisters who we are, where we come from, and that we are our living ancestors. The history in which we are a part of is grand and vast, this is a privilege to know. We have the ability to create culture, which anything can grow out of. That is a powerful tool to aid humanity in the future.
A creative and innovative mind with an ability to work in a state of flow and get things done. Herbal knowledge Catering and food networks ETC…
I work with that which is presented to me in the now. With my values and expressed reverence for my teachers and ancestors, I have faith in the road paving itself as I’m walking. At some point in the near future, self-sufficient in a warm climate!
Working in teams, taking lead, performing in stressful situations, creating a lot with not much, cooking, talking in front of people, playing guitar, being calm, enjoying life.

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