Agata Gasior

Speciality: Dedicated host and Lofoten expert, hiking guide, mentor
I’m a heart-based entrepreneur, founder, outdoor enthusiast, and ildsjel.  I’m a relationship builder and explorer, passionate about personal development and creating energizing connections with people and nature. 
Freedom, love, passion, authenticity, transparency, humbleness
I consider myself a citizen of the world. I grew up in Poland, but lived also in Germany for two years during my childhood. I chose Norwegian and Travel & tourism for my studies, learned the language and culture and discovered Lofoten, that has been my home since 20 years. I’ve also travelled worldwide, specially to South America, where I spent quite a lot of time getting to know the continent, Spanish language, people and the highest mountains.
I have always been curious and hungry for experiences. My passion for the mountains started very early in my childhood. Since then, I’ve been exploring many mountains chains in the world, both in the winter and summer time. Through moving many times from place to place already as a child, I’ve learned quickly how to adapt to new realities, cultures and get to know new people and learn new languages.
I have big knowledge about Lofoten and my focus is on responsible travel, hostmanship, and experience design. I’m sharing my passion for nature and people to create meaningful experiences that you will be a part of. I’ll be your host, and I’ll meet you with curiosity and open mind. You can expect my approachable and transparent style that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your well-being journey.
I share my passions to create more conscious society both locally and globally and contribute to responsible travel through taking care of the nature, and local communities. I grow continuously and develop my skill set so that I can serve better myself and other people.
Foreign languages. It’s my superpower. I speak 5 languages – Polish, Norwegian, English, German and Spanish. I’m very solution oriented, hands-on person, accurate with schedules, good with coordinating things, intuitive, flexible, communicative and compassionate.

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