BesteBakken is an exclusive, charming place where adventure, culture, and good food are focal points. The buildings are renovated, comfortable, rich in tradition and offer a cozy, homey atmosphere.

Trasti & Trine

Welcome to high standard unique hotel rooms, in cabins, in the guesthouse or in a fishing farm! This is a good place to stay, sleep and eat! Perhaps you will awake to the sound of the rooster crowing, laughs and chats from the kitchen when breakfast is in the making or the puppies racing around in the dog yard.

Grønolen Fjellgard

Grønolen Fjellgard is located in the heart of southern Norway, surrounded by majestic mountains and vast plains. At 800 meters above sea level, you can breathe fresh air and enjoy extraordinary hospitality. We are passionate about local food from our farmers, a cozy room for you to feel at home and receiving you with a personal and warm welcome.

Fjærland Fjordstove

Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel & Restaurant is a quaint and friendly place.  We are situated in Fjærland, on an upper branch of Western Norway’s’ spectacular Sognefjord. For celebrations, you can rent the whole hotel off season. Fjærland is a small farming town that comes to life in the summer when visitors from all over the world pass through to walk the glacier, climb the mountains, enjoy the scenery and sift through the book town. 

Veisten Landhotel

The main building is built in the historic log house style, and its interior  reflects the cosiness from those times.

It has 15 double and 3 single rooms, 2 wooden bathtubs and amazing nature right behind the house and in the closest neighbourhood. It also is a paradise for dog sledding and  the owner’s father himself had many huskies and has built up a team of “mushers” we can use for magic experiences with the dogs and become both close to nature and ourselves.


Older than the oldest mines in the Røros mountains, and the old centre of the village; Skottgården consists of eight buildings on a beautiful and sheltered farmyard. The many centuries old farm has a long tradition of taking in guests, travellers on the trading route from Sweden stayed here, and it is documented as a lodging house in 1850. Through the time’s guests of all kinds have visited here, and their stories echo from the walls, there is something peaceful and warm over Skottgården.


Three hours away from the hustle and bustle of Oslo, surrounded by beautiful nature and wild mountains 906 meters above sea level, we have created a place you can enjoy yoga, delicious healthy food and tranquillity of mountains.


Hardingasete is an unique place- a kind of living open-air museum where old farms from the area have been taken down and built up again right at the waterfront.

29/2 Aurland

In 2014, the old historic buildings on the farm were restored, and we opened our doors as a hotel and new buildings have also been built since then. 
The hotel has ten rooms in four different buildings: ‘Fiskerhuset’ (the Fisherman’s Cabin), one of the oldest buildings in Aurland dating from the early 18th century, ‘Geitefjøsen’ (the Goat Barn), a combination of an 18th-century simple log dwelling and modern architecture, ‘Bestemorhuset’ (the Grandmother’s House), from the mid-18th century, and the main building, which was designed by Yngve Brakstad and built in 2013. 

Villa Vestre

Villa Vestre is being run by a committed group of sea- and seafood enthusiasts. We took over this gem in 2017 and have since that renovated the house and made major upgrades. Our vision is to give people unique experiences and memories for life. At this place, in the villa and in the boathouse, you will get a journey back in time. 

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